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Mayoke (Mayoke Rin)
Guild Master
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Moving Foward

Mayoke, Mar 12, 12 11:26 PM.
So we are moving forward with your ideas... but we need more.
We've are currently asking on what you want to see as a Guild and the requests are coming in, so whats coming you may ask, Guild RP, Guild PVP and a Guild Scavenger Hunter for fun and Prizes...

Communications Officer
Mayoke Rin

There is a disturbance in the force...

Fryilluh, Mar 1, 12 11:52 AM.
Attention, members of the Rebellion!  This is Jedi Master Fryhealuh Killuh.  I call upon the Rebellion in a time of dire need.  The Jedi Council has sensed a tremendous disturbance in the force, and signs link to the return of The Infernal One.  Trapped within the Eternity Vault, the Infernal One was thought to be a myth, or at least a thing of the past.  The council is requesting that I find all willing and able warriors to go investigate this potential threat, and deal with it accordingly.
(The Corellian Rebellion is doing Ops now!  If you are level 50 or close, speak with an officer online for more information.  If you are familiar with endgame raids or not, all are welcome to join us and learn.  Our first EV run will be this Friday (3/1/12) at 9PM EST.  If you cannot make that time, please speak with an officer so that we know to either wait for you, or we can reschedule to a time that closer fits everyone's schedule.  We want to get as many people involved with this as possible)

~For Corellia!

An Alliance has been made

Token, Feb 6, 12 1:26 AM.
       We have formed an Alliance,
                                                 Galactic Aegis

     We will now fight with other guilds around the galaxy to help Save it from Sith Tyrany.

                                                           /cjoin Aegis
                     To join in the Alliance Chat. I advise this ASAP

Guild Site Under Construction!

S0UTHPAW, Feb 2, 12 4:28 AM.
​That's right, As of now guild officers are working hard to bring this guild the online hub it deserves. Keep in mind that the site will be constantly changing in the weeks to come, until we have got it just the way we want it. Also any members should feel free to share your input with the officers. you can contact the officers in game or via the contact officer list on the lower left hand corner of the guild homepage. Every guild members opinion matters, and is crucial in building the site. On another note, All guild members should keep a lookout  for opportunities to recruit new members. If a member knows of a potential recruit they should have them contact an officer or lieutenant of the guild for further applicant instructions. 
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